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A day at the beach can be pleasant with just a towel and some sunscreen, but if you want to really do it up, here is a comprehensive list of things you probably want, and some the might just be fun.

  1. Beach towels
  2. Sunscreen (creams are safer than sprays)
  3. Cooler with lots of ice
  4. Drinks - lots of water and sand-proof juice boxes
  5. Snacks - think about staying sand-proof like fruit that can be wiped off, well wrapped sandwiches on buns rather than bread. It might be worth bringing fork food and plastic forks.
  6. Games - paddle ball, frisbee, nerf football, hoola hoops, squirt guns
  7. Sand toys and sand castle building materials, even an old spoon can be fun!
  8. Beach umbrella or sunshade
  9. Radio
  10. Cell phone - think about a waterproof case
  11. Ear buds
  12. Download an audio book ahead of time if you love those
  13. Good book
  14. Extra diapers and wipes
  15. Sunglasses
  16. Beach hats
  17. Beach chairs
  18. Floaties and other flotation assistance devices
  19. Boogie board
  20. Rash guards
  21. Goggles
  22. Snorkle and fins
  23. Change of clothes
  24. Flip flops
  25. Credit card for anything forgotten
  26. With all this gear, you might want a beach wagon!

Have a great time, and remember to prioritize your sun protection!


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