TrustyTrunks now available!


July 4, 2019 was a monumental day for TrustyTunks no leak diaper cover for swimming. It was the final day of prototyping for size two. My stepdaughter and family joined me at a friend’s lake house on Lake Gaston in North Carolina for the holiday weekend. My grandsons Eli, 6 years old and Micah, 2 years old came too. We put version 16 on over Micah’s diaper and he spent the whole morning in them on the dock and in the lake. They fit great and work beautifully. It’s time to order the mold! That evening, we slowly motored down to the dam at dusk to watch fireworks. Micah was mesmerized, but poor Eli couldn’t stay awake, despite the noise. The next morning, Micah’s first words were, “Big Boat!” It was a wholly satisfying weekend. Back to work, there is much to be done!

Gem of Wisdom:  Even on the most monumental of days, the kids can make the day, with what they say!

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