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I just returned from my first US Swim School Association annual meeting.  Conferences should leave your head spinning with new ideas, introduce you to new people, and excite and energize the participants. This one did all that and more. The USSSA organization has a strong sense of community, and I look forward to exhibiting there again.

The conference generated many blog topics I want to write about, but the one at the top of my mind is creating a corporate culture and fine tuning a mission statement.  As of this writing I am still a company of just one person, so you may not think it odd that I consider this top priority.  I believe a mission statement isn’t just a platitude to hang on the wall.  A mission is what pulses through the halls of the office and the veins of the people and the vibe that others get when they work with you. No matter how big or small the company is, it should drive the culture. I need to get to work, because nailing this down isn’t easy, and theoretically it should last for the life of the company.

Here are some ideas I’m tossing around:

  1. Less stress
  2. Less stress is more better
  3. Less stress promotes less stress
  4. Less stress for healthier living
  5. Stress: provoke it or revoke it, your choice
  6. Expanding the no stress zone
  7. Let’s de-stress

 What brought this on is the speech from the keynote speaker, John Cashion, from the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center.  His talk was on developing corporate culture and it was full of interesting facts delivered with great stories. The motto for the Ritz-Carlton is, “We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.”  Isn’t that great?  His talk prompted me to look up additional company mottos and brand statements.  Below are a few favorites, see if you can guess the company:

  1. We honor great athletes and great athletics
  2. We believe people with passion can change the world
  3. Because you’re worth it
  4. Open happiness
  5. We deliver
  6. The happiest place on earth
  7. All the news that’s fit to print

Thanks for reading!  Please share your comments!

Gem of Wisdom:  A brand is the emotional connection we make with our customers.

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