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At TrustyTrunks, we love water activities, especially a fun filled day at the beach. Good thing that TrustyTrunks will keep the sand out of your toddler’s diaper so they can stay comfortable throughout the day.  But, what would a day at the beach be if there wasn’t at least one attempt to build an award-winning sandcastle?  With visions of grandeur, we all go into it thinking, ‘how hard can it be?  Some sand, some water and voila!’ 


And then we end up with this.


A couple of tips from our team at TrustyTrunks on the ingredients for a good sandcastle:

  • Sand – must have sand. (We know.  We didn’t need to say this out loud, but we didn’t want to assume).
  • Water – lots of water is key to getting the right consistency, but it’s also important to drain the sand so that it’s not to sloppy. (You’ll need to figure this out on your own).
  • Dig a well. Dig a hole in the sand until you see water seeping through from the bottom to create an unlimited supply of H2O.  It will replenish itself.  (This will stop you from having to go back and forth to the water – unless you’re looking for the exercise.)
  • Have a bucket or two, a shovel, and, if you want to get fancy, get some carving tools to add some detail.

And if you get really passionate about it, start your own business (we love entrepreneurs of all ages!) teaching how to build sand castles, just like Sandcastle Lessons (Visit on San Padre Island.

For super beach fun keep it simple, have fun, and get creative.  Get a pail and a shovel, add some sand and water, and have some fun!  Send us a picture of your masterpiece if you get a chance

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