TrustyTrunks now available!


Some days things do come together, I hope you have lots of them! TrustyTrunks leakproof swim diaper is STILL not on Amazon, with the support call now open for over four days. The difference today is I'm OK with it for now. Although I can hardly wait to have my TrustyTrunks on Amazon, a few more days won't make a big difference. Perhaps there is a cosmic reason for the delay which I don't yet appreciate?

I signed up for a meditation session with a guru, it's a day and half from now, and I don't know if I'll be blown away, completely disappointed, or somewhere in the middle. Whatever the outcome, there were things holding me back, the cost, the guilt of the cost, the expectation, the fear of disappointment, fear of working with the correct person, etc, etc, etc.  However, I'm feeling good about the appointment I have set up.

There are three people in my life right now in the midst of cancer struggles. My uncle, a dear friend, and the husband of a dear friend. Probably because of this, I've been drawn to reading a few stories about near death experiences (NDEs). In two of the stories, there were spontaneous remissions, miraculous cures. It strikes me as ironic that the cure was received once the ill person had died and didn't necessarily want the cure anymore. The possibility that a miraculous cure is possible is hopeful and encouraging.

Also, I've signed up for a surf lesson. I've been saying I'm going to do it forever, and tomorrow is the day. Again, guilt for carrying on with life, when other lives have been so interrupted by cancer.

Samples of rash guards are on the way.  I've seen pictures, and they look just as cute as I had hoped. If the quality is there once I see the samples, they'll be ordered and available for spring break.

GEM OF WISDOM:  Any given day could be your last good day, have gratitude for the day well lived.

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