TrustyTrunks now available!


I learned early during market research, that successful baby products are either amazingly functional or exceptionally cute.  And when it comes to dressing a baby, cute rules.  So how do you make a waterproof, leakproof swim diaper not only amazingly functional, but also fall-over cute? And, the boys outfit had to be different than the girls.

  • I toyed with stamping them with colorful prints, but there is no type of ink that adheres well to silicone.
  • I thought cutting cute figures into the mold, but molds are very expensive, and I felt I couldn’t afford the commitment to one design.
  • I inquired about using multiple colors of silicone in the molding process, but that would just produce something multi-colored, and not necessarily any cuter.

Finally, I hit upon the idea of creating tops that are super cute, and offered sun protection. Minimum order quantities for rash guards are relatively low, so it would be easy to create something different for boys and girls.

After viewing hundreds if not thousands of images, my creative director, Denise said, “I feel elephants.” Many of the images I had played with were dogs.  Afterall, my feeling about dogs is that they are loyal and trustworthy.  I foster rescue dogs, and Denise typically has three dogs at a time. So where did elephants come from? Immediately it felt right and out first rash guard designs will feature elephants.

I love the word play on elephant trunks and TrustyTrunks. It will be fun to see people’s reactions when they see it too.  Most amazingly, these are designs I put together, spending a ridiculous amount of time tweaking and re-tweaking.

Prototypes are being made now, and Chinese New Year will take two weeks, so I anticipate having them in stock by spring break. I hope you like them!

Gem of Wisdom - The origin of genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. – Thomas Edison

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