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By Nancy Stockton

Surprisingly, NO! Chlorine interacts with some substances in urine to create potentially harmful trichloraminen. Chlorine kills bacteria and some viruses, but it is a common misconception that peeing in the pool is OK because the water is chlorinated. Here are two excerpts from a Popular Science article:

 “First, let’s start with a little chemistry. Urine is made up of tons of different substances, all of which can interact with chlorine. But uric acid and a handful of amino acids pose the biggest threat. When each of these react with chlorine, they create are trichloraminen (sometimes called nitrogen trichloride) and cyanogen chloride. Both of these can be harmful in high enough concentrations.”

 “Trichloramine can caused respiratory problems when inhaled, especially in folks who already suffer from problems like asthma. It also causes irritation—it's what creates that sometimes-overwhelming pool smell, and makes your eyes burn. Cyanogen chloride is an irritant too, and can actually affect the body's ability to use oxygen. You're not going to get a fatal whiff of the stuff in a pool—no matter how full of pee it is—but breathing it in definitely isn't good for you.”

 To read the entire article, click this link:


Gem of wisdom:  To address a problem, start with education.


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