TrustyTrunks now available!


I went to visit my grandkids over Thanksgiving, 2018. They were the perfect sizes to try on the prototypes I had. It is beyond exciting to see your product in action!

Mainly, I learned that on the little one, size 2, they were too low in the back and had too much material in the front. And I thought they would fit perfectly! I did bring him to the pool, and as expected, any diaper hanging outside the TrustyTrunks is going to suck water in and soak the diaper (sigh). In any case, it was all great feedback.



My older grandson was a trooper and put on size 5, but was anxious to take them off.  At five years old, he is very clear about what he wants, not so clear about why, it could be all that extra material...



Gem of Wisdom: You absolutely MUST prototype. You will learn surprising things about how your product looks and behaves. Correcting a mistake now is much cheaper than later.

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