TrustyTrunks now available!


I went down to the Honua Kai resort, to check on the TrustyTrunks carried there and chat with the manager. Next I strolled down to the pool, and within a minute heard a mom exclaim, "she went right into the pool with a regular diaper on!  I could not have gotten a clearer cue to start a conversation, which I did.

As it turns out, this is the first day of their stay, and mom is willing to try TrustyTrunks over the next week. A perfect chance for some feedback. She was travelling with another family who also had a toddler, and they said they would try TrustyTrunks on him too.  I'm hoping other moms see the TrustyTrunks at the pool and are inspired to check out the gift shop. That would be amazingly good!

Further, this mom has a great idea for a product that would have helped immensely when her kids were infants, and who doesn't want that? We talked about patents and products and shark tank, inventions and kids. Overall it was a lovely experience.  I'm so glad I had the courage to speak with her.

Thanks again to the Honua Kai resort, which is very kid friendly, has a great pool and is right on the beach.

GEM OF WISDOM: It pays to leave the comfort zone and talk to people. Most likely they will be very nice to you.

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