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Have you ever had a day that feels like nothing but frustration?  Of course you have! Exercise, meditation and love are the antidote. I know this, and I know you know this, so why don't we take the time for more?

I've been banging my head against the laptop tying to list TrustyTrunks on Amazon. I've gotten past three hurdles, and but the final one has had me stuck for days. Briefly, if I complete the brand field using my brand, I get an error that says I must register my brand. I can't do this until I have a registered Trademark, which could take months at the USPTO office. If I enter "generic", as suggested on numerous web entries, I get the error message that my UPC code does not match the brand name. I logged a call with Amazon, which they closed with the advice, "don't use the brand, "generic."  Yes, I got that...  So another call has been logged, and that's where we sit.

.That long story is merely to say, my whole body has frustration dripping off it. Time for some meditation. I'm here in Hawaii for the month of January, 2020 and a quick web search has enlightened me to the existence of The Sacred Gardens of Maliko. This seems to be just what is needed at the moment.

Oh right, and a very dear friend is having brain surgery today, January 14, 2020, to remove a glioblastoma (brain cancer tumor).  If that doesn't put it into perspective, I don't know what will. Prayers and meditations for healing Robert will be the focus of my Sacred Garden tour, and I'll leave the Amazon issue to be resolved by support.


Gem of Wisdom: Remind yourself to put your frustrations into perspective and use exercise, meditation and love to re-center.


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