TrustyTrunks now available!


It seems silly to do have a website with just one product, so in addition to our flagship product, TrustyTrunks, leakproof swim diaper solution.  I'm looking to build out the product line.  

I've already written about the super cute elephant rash guards I designed.  Those should arrive in February, 2020. Once we see how well received those are, it's likely we'll have additional designs. Let me know if you have any ideas or preferences!

I'm very excited about being able to add Skin Slick to the product line. Skin Slick, by SBR Sports, is used by competitive swimmers and triathletes to help put on really tight swim suits and prevent chafing. Since I have heard concern that some people think TrustyTrunks might be hard to get on, SkinSlick could be a great offering. Feedback has been that TrustyTrunks are only slightly harder to put on a child than a regular swim diaper. 

I'm looking at sunscreens, I'd like to carry something very high quality and have perused this website for ideas. A small, organic company could be just the ticket.

Hats, sunglasses and other sun protection items make sense. What about beach towels and swim backpacks?

I saw goggles that don't need to be adjusted, as the strap is extremely elastic, like TrustyTrunks, and then that annoying extra band material isn't floating around. But mostly, they were extraordinarily comfy.

Of course, I have more innovative invention ideas, but that's another story!

Please post a comment if there are any other products you would like us to research and include on our website.


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