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I'm wondering if they still teach this in swim safety classes. All the kids in my class had to learn to repeat this little saying about the order of things you try if someone has fallen into water or is in distress in the water.  The main message was to avoid letting yourself be taken under by a person in distress.  It must be an effective little saying, as it has stayed with me all these years.  

  1. Before your jump in after someone, see if you can REACH out to them while still securely on land.
  2. Look for a life preserver, rope, towel or anything else that you can THROW to them
  3. Before jumping in, can you ROW out to them in a boat, paddle board, boogie board, even a noodle is better than jumping in on your own.
  4. If there is no other option and you must GO in the water to save a drowning person, take something with you for them to hold onto other than you!

GEM OF WISDOM - Respect mother nature and think about safety training you can acquire before a stressful situation occurs.


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