TrustyTrunks now available!


Even though I'm putting my TrustyTrunks rash guards on hold due to the Trump tariffs, I'm still busy designing my t-shirts for adults who want to proudly (but subtly) protest against pee in the pool. Another use is for signs to hang at the pool. And also protest against what I am now calling poo juice.

Here are some that are common and out there already:

  • We don't swim in your toilet, please don't pee in our pool.
  • Welcome to our 'ool.  Notice the P is missing.

(These signs are available on

Here are some advertising type slogans:

  • TrustyTrunks, the solution for healthy, clean pool water
  • TrustyTrunks, keeping pool water healthy and clean
  • TrustyTrunks, you have fun, we keep pool water clean
  • TrustyTrunks, relax, we got accidents covered

Here are some bad ones I've come up with:

  • Free catheters for those who can’t hold their pee in our pool. 
  • Pee in our pool and we’ll know, just sayin'
  • Save the environment! Start with the pool and use the restroom first
  • Save the environment! Start now and pee before swimming.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any great slogans to help prevent pee in the pool!


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