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Have you heard meditation is a great stress reliever?  Here's a super fast and simple meditation.

  1. Sit down anywhere
  2. Relax all your muscles
  3. Close your eyes, or just focus them on one point
  4. Clear your mind, let go of all thoughts.  If a thought enters your mind, don't dwell on it, just recognize the thought and let it drift away.
  5. Breath in deeply, focus on your breath so you feel the breath go all the way down to your toes
  6. Breath out, visualizing your breath creating a calm peaceful bubble all around you
  7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 two more times.
  8. Open your eyes, come back to yourself and tell yourself what a good job you did to take just a few minutes to relax and have a mini-meditation.

Our philosophy at TrustyTrunks is to make products that solve problems and reduce stress!

GEM OF WISDOM - Even just three minutes of relaxation can reduce stress and help you refocus your energy.

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