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Are your kids cold in the pool, ocean or lake? I keep thinking back to a comment I heard from a swim instructor at a trade show, stating his boy students were always cold. (Pause - Here I just have to give a cheer for the bit of extra fat we woman carry!) At that time we were discussing whether TrustyTrunks, leakproof swim diaper solution, would or could provide extra warmth. Many instruction pools these days advertise warm water, so I was surprised by the question. It seems like TrustyTrunks leakproof swim diapers would be warmer than regular swim diapers, as that cool water is now two layers away from baby's skin. However, I have no hard data, so currently...

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It took me a good six months to settle on the name, TrustyTrunks. I solicited ideas from all my friends and family. Luckily they obliged.  Some of my favorites, though not quite appropriate were: Soggy Bottom, Kid Nappies and Tidy Dips. I can't say there was any particular criteria, other than using a name that wasn't already taken, like TidyTrunks, which is an organizer for the trunk of your car. Also, it had to be rather gender neutral. Mostly, it just had to sound right, and not to just me. I tested numerous names, including Tidy Widy, which received resounding rejection. Just for fun, I thought I would share all the other names that were considered. I hope some of...

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