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Have I written about ugly surprises before?  Yes, I have, and just got another.  In addition to the 5.5% import tariff on importing TrustyTrunks leakproof swim diapers from China, I was assessed an additional 25% surplus tax. Part of President Trump's trade war with China.  This was not fun news.  I've heard stories of China stealing intellectual property and penalizing their citizens for buying American products, so while I don't like getting into political debates, and TrustyTrunks were certainly adversely affected by this policy, I cannot honestly rail against the motivation behind the additional tariffs.  I'm just lamenting my terrible timing.  I'm writing this in January, 2020.  If you have been following along, you'll know that problems with the molds set...

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When is the last time you went outside your comfort zone and tried something new? Right, you say, I can barely keep up with what I have going on!  Then again, how often are you looking at the kids with their face buried in a screen, and tried thinking of alternatives. I'm all into this site these days: ( which is about letting kids get out of their comfort zone, do something that feels a little risky, and experience growth. I don't know why it struck a chord with me, but there you have it. So here are a few ideas:  Write down creative ideas on individual slips of paper, put them in a jar, then each person has to...

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