TrustyTrunks now available!


It takes discipline to keep up with blog posts, and apparently, I’m lacking. I console myself with the realization, it also takes courage to start again.  It’s amazing to me that my last post was five months ago.  Starting a business is an emotional rollercoaster: joy, despair, frustration, elation, doubt, confidence and someone please remind me again, why the heck am I doing this?

Oh right, thank you!  (This is my grandson wearing TrustyTrunks)

I’ll give you some highlights, but the end result is TrustyTrunks size 2 are now available!!!  Check out TrustyTrunks here:


  • Yippee! In September, I had three orders on my website, before I even had product.
  • Boo – Need to figure out how and why I had three orders in September. Currently it’s a mystery.
  • Yippee! Ordered molds in August.
  • Boo – Major setback when I learned the molds I purchased were “anchor weights”. Without getting to complicated, the reason was that they were compression molds. When we made test samples, they were not stretchy enough. The material we need to use requires a mold for liquid silicone.  DO OVER, which cost an additional $6,000 and two months, which meant we wouldn’t have production in time for Christmas.
  • Yippee! Back on track with liquid molds and quality test product.
  • Yippee! Hired Samantha for Social Media Marketing
  • Yippee! Hired Orca Communications for PR
  • Yippee! Located brilliant fulfillment center in Denver
  • Yippee! Obtained reasonably priced business insurance from Hartford
  • Yippee! Designed and obtained packaging
  • Yippee! Received first shipment of TrustyTrunks!!

 Gem of Wisdom:  Expect setbacks but stay the course in order to reach the goal. Remind yourself of more positives than struggles.

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