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Do kids know all the old favorites?  Are they creative enough to make up their own games in the pool? Are you creative enough to come up with a new game? 

Old favorites:

  • Marco-Polo - hopefully everyone knows this one!
  • Sharks and minnows
  • Dive for quarters
  • Dive for quarters with your toes
  • Dive for quarters with your eyes closed
  • Dive for golf balls
  • Get the greased watermelon out of the pool
  • Who can swim the farthest under water.
  • Who can jump the farthest into the pool from a standing position
  • Butt-bumpers - hold hands, go under water and put your feet together, push feet forward and upward until your are upside down and bumping butts
  • Tea Party
  • Guess what I am saying underwater (best with three or more people)
  • How fast of a whirlpool can we get going in the pool
  • Try to push me off my raft
  • Who can float the longest
  • Who can do a handstand the longest
  • Make up your own synchronized swimming routine
  • Who can make the biggest splash with one hand swat
  • Who can squirt water out of their hands the farthest
  • Who can squirt water out of their armpit the farthest
  • Try to make a clapping noise under water
  • Who can balance on a noodle with two feet the longest
  • Who can balance on a noodle with one foot the longest

And anything else your creative mind can think up!  Put any good ones in the comments!

Gem of Wisdom:  For more fun in the pool and bonding with your kids, come up with a creative game!

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