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By Nancy Stockton Surprisingly, NO! Chlorine interacts with some substances in urine to create potentially harmful trichloraminen. Chlorine kills bacteria and some viruses, but it is a common misconception that peeing in the pool is OK because the water is chlorinated. Here are two excerpts from a Popular Science article:  “First, let’s start with a little chemistry. Urine is made up of tons of different substances, all of which can interact with chlorine. But uric acid and a handful of amino acids pose the biggest threat. When each of these react with chlorine, they create are trichloraminen (sometimes called nitrogen trichloride) and cyanogen chloride. Both of these can be harmful in high enough concentrations.”  “Trichloramine can caused respiratory problems when inhaled, especially in...

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By Nancy Stockton It seemed gross to me, but I wasn’t completely sure, is pee in the pool even a problem?  Do fecal contaminations happen often enough to require a solution like a swim diaper cover? Well, it’s important enough that the CDC, Centers for Disease Control, has numerous articles on the topic.  Here is one article and excerpt:  “Check yourself! Keep the pee, poop, sweat, blood, and dirt out of the water. Stay out of the water if you have diarrhea. Stay out of the water if you have an open wound (for example, from surgery or a piercing) that is not covered with a waterproof bandage. Shower before you get in the water. Rinsing off in the shower...

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by Nancy Stockton So far, the swim diaper existed only as an image in my mind. Figuring out how to make one seemed like a logical first step. I am not an engineer or artist of any sort. Rather, I am an accountant. I spent most of my accounting career implementing financial software. I know nothing about molding or plastics, but I have a friend whom I thought could help. I love having friends! He majored in political science, so his nickname is Senator, but he’s been selling polymers his entire career. He’s the only person I know who stayed with his first employer forever.  He has still had just one job interview, which is a good thing, because the...

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