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Worried about your child having an accident in the pool?

Introducing TrustyTrunks, leakproof swim diaper solution!


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TrustyTrunks - Leakproof, Waterproof, Sandproof, Diaper Covers for Swimming

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Pre-launch testimonials

"We were just at an indoor waterparkwhere a little boy pooped in a play structure. They shut the whole pool down for hours. He was wearing a swim diaper, but it just kinda' fell out." -- Destiny, a mom from Tacoma.
"Our community had so many pool closures this season we are seriously considering the implementation of fines for pool contaminations." -- Ken Gibbs, homeowner in Hilton Head Plantation, South Carolina.
“We've been having a bunch of 'code browns' with our current swim diapers and are trying to figure out what is going on!” -- Pool Operator.
"I put my younger son in a swim diaper, all all was well. So we're standing in the shallow end and I realize there's this... Cloud. Around my younger son. -Reddit Post.
During the summer,we have one to two poos in the pool every week. -- Acquatics director at a health club facility.