The leakproof, waterproof, sandproof, reusable swim diaper


TrustyTrunks, are the ONLY leakproof swim diaper solution claiming to contain both solids and liquids. Wear over a regular cloth or disposable diaper or underwear. With proper fit and putting them on properly, most children's inner diaper stays completely dry.

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Benefits of TrustyTrunks

Comfortable fit

TrustyTrunks leakproof diaper covers are soft and gentle on your baby’s skin. The elastic silicone provides a form-fitting airtight seal that keeps your child’s diaper protected without constricting their movement.


TrustyTrunks 100% silicone diaper covers are reusable and washable for an entire season. You can simply wipe clean or put in the washing machine. Pat dry and your TrustyTrunks are ready for the next beach day. 

Sand protection

TrustyTrunks keep sand, seaweed, and other uncomfortable beach debris from your child’s diaper. They can swim and play all day, but with proper fitting of the TrustyTrunks, they’ll stay clean no matter what.

No leaks

TrustyTrunks are the only waterproof and leakproof swim diaper on the market. With a proper fit, everything inside the diaper will stay in, and water or sand from the beach and pool will stay out.

Our Mission

We believe in making life less stressful.

TrustyTrunks are a waterproof, leakproof, reusable diaper cover for swimming. Worn over a cloth or disposable diaper, it is the only product that claims to prevent liquids from entering the pool.

The vision for TrustyTrunks is to change our culture so there are fewer pool contaminations. We strive for cleaner, safer, recreational water and fewer pool closings.

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Wearing Instructions

Follow these instructions so that TrustyTrunks are 100% leakproof:

1. Pull the legs all the way up into the crotch, so there is no EMPTY SPACE in the crotch

2. Pull TrustyTrunks way up over belly button. For disposable diapers, tuck the NON-ABSORBENT, flappy part of the diaper in.

3. Make sure there are AT LEAST two inches of silicone to skin contact at the top.

4. Smooth out the waistband and legs so that there are no rolls or folds.


We were just at an indoor waterparkwhere a little boy pooped in a play structure. They shut the whole pool down for hours. He was wearing a swim diaper, but it just kinda' fell out.

– Destiny, a mom from Tacoma

Our community had so many pool closures this season we are seriously considering the implementation of fines for pool contaminations.

– Ken Gibbs, homeowner in Hilton Head Plantation, South Carolina

We've been having a bunch of 'code browns' with our current swim diapers and are trying to figure out what is going on!

– Pool Operator

I put my younger son in a swim diaper, all all was well. So we're standing in the shallow end and I realize there's this... Cloud. Around my younger son.

– Reddit Post

During the summer,we have one to two poos in the pool every week.

– Acquatics director at a health club facility

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