About Us

TrustyTrunks was founded in Denver, Colorado in 2018 with the belief that life for parents and kids should be less stressful. The idea for TrustyTrunks started when our founder, Nancy Stockton, took her infant grandson to the neighborhood pool in a shockingly leaky swim diaper. Thankfully, there were no accidents that day (that could be seen), but Nancy knew that she had been lucky. If things had not worked out in her favor, she would’ve been faced with an embarrassing problem that could pose health risks to others at the pool.

Her first action was to conduct an internet search for a leakproof, watertight diaper, but found nothing that met her needs. This signaled to an immediate need in the market, especially when Nancy found out that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) had concerns for the safety of swim diapers. Their website states, “…swim diapers do not keep these germs from contaminating the water. No manufacturers claim these products prevent leakage of diarrhea into pools.”

In response to the experience Nancy had at the pool and after extensive research, she decided to act. With her intrinsic entrepreneurial spirit and a vision to reduce infant-prone pool contaminations, she created the first prototype of TrustyTrunks with two solo cups and some plaster.

TrustyTrunks have since been developed to create a leakproof seal around diapers that still allows for complete mobility and child comfort. The 100% silicone TrustyTrunks are designed to provide a custom fit and a stress-free experience at the pool. They are washable and reusable, which means your TrustyTrunks will keep your child safe and clean throughout the season.

On the road to promoting cleaner, safer recreational water, we save kids and their parents from embarrassing contamination accidents and keep the pools open all summer long.


Executive Team

Nancy Stockton – TrustyTrunks Inventor and Founder
Graduate of Miami of Ohio with a degree in accounting, Nancy spent much of her career implementing financial accounting software. Today she is a full time entrepreneur, inventor and investor.

Rob Miller – Loophole Owner and Founder
Graduate of LUMA Institute, Rob focuses on product design and development, delivering intelligent solutions that resonate.

Richard Bradbury – Molds and Tooling Owner and Founder
Richard has a long history and a long list of products produced as a manufacturer’s representative for over 30 factories in Asia and the US.

Samantha Gant – Social Alchemy Owner and Founder
Graduate of University of Tampa, Sam is a content creator, storyteller and digital strategist who loves the power of all things social.

Denise Lewis – Creative Director
Denise attended Miami of Ohio, studying music with a focus on the oboe, and loves all things creative. Denise graduated with an accounting degree from University of Cincinnati.  She currently excels in photography and graphic design.

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