Trusty Trunks - Leakproof, Waterproof, Sandproof, Reusable Swim Diaper



TrustyTrunks are the ONLY truly leakproof swim diaper solution!  When put on properly, TrustyTrunks hold in both solids and liquids, . Worn over a regular cloth or disposable diaper or underwear, messes stay in and pool water stays out.  (See wearing instructions below.)  


    1.  Comfortable Fit
    2.  Promote cleaner, safer pool water
    3.  No urine leaks onto you
    4.  Reusable
    5.  Sand protection
    6.  Do the outfit changing at home
    7.  Promote potty training
    8.  Meet double diapering requirements


1. Comfortable Fit
Made from very elastic, non-allergenic, skin-safe silicone that is soft on your child's skin. Super stretchy material clings to body, so there is no rubbing or chafing, which is a leading cause of diaper rash.  The stretch is what makes them fit a wide range of toddler shapes and sizes.  Chubby thighs, skinny knees, tall waist all pose no fit problems for TrustyTrunks.

If TrustyTrunks seem too tight at the legs or waist, our angled design allows you to cut off material following one of the concentric rings molded into the material, tmaking the openings larger.

2. Promote cleaner, safer pool water
Super stretchy silicone forms a seal around baby's waist and legs.  Pool water stay out and messes stay in, promoting cleaner, safer pool water.  Parents are free from worrying about whether there will be an accident in the pool.  Less mess means less stress.

Follow instructions below for putting TrustyTrunks on, to ensure maximum leakproof-ability. Verify that baby's regular absorbent diaper is completely covered by TrustyTrunks, and that there is no extra material in the crotch.

3. No urine leaks onto car seats, or you
Other swim diapers leak urine, but TrustyTrunks keep the mess inside the diaper.  Save your car seat and your own swimwear from stains.  You'll use less diapers as you don't have to keep changing baby from swim diapers to regular and back again, to keep urine off of you.

4. Reusable
TrustyTrunks 100% silicone diaper covers are reusable. They are very stretchy, and with proper sizing will last an entire season. Machine wash or simply wipe clean and pat dry. 

5. Sand protection
TrustyTrunks keep that frustratingly sticky beach sand out of baby's pants and away from delicate anatomy.

6. Do the outfit changing at home
Since TrustyTrunks are leakproof, dress your child at home without worrying about a leakage accident onto the car seat.  When you arrive at the pool, baby is ready to jump in!  No chilly changing rooms needed.

7. Promote potty training
For kids in training, there is no going backwards into diapers due to pool requirements.

8. Meets double diapering requirements
Several countries, US states and many swim venues require double diapering, including one that is reusable. You need just one regular diaper, cloth or disposable in addition to TrustyTrunks to meet this requirement


Wearing instructions:

1.  Pull the legs all the way up into the crotch, so there is no EMPTY SPACE in the crotch.

2.  Pull TrustyTrunks way up over belly button. For disposable diapers, tuck the NON-ABSORBENT, flappy part of the diaper in.

3.  Make sure there is AT LEAST two inches of silicone to skin contact at the top.

4.  Smooth out the waistband and legs so that there are no rolls or folds.

5.  If you feel TrustyTrunks are too high, and/or the opening is too small, it is possible to remove some material. Without putting them on and using your child’s body as a guideline, use scissors and follow one of the concentric lines at the top to cut off excess material.

Youtube video, "How to put on TrustyTrunks"  available HERE.

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