Genesis of a Great Idea

Genesis of a Great Idea

This all started with my second grandson.  I taught my first grandson how to swim.  I knew then there was pee in the pool. I peed in the pool myself as a child, probably every day for the entire summer.  And yet, I never pondered it.  But when I announced to my step-daughter and mom to both grandsons, (have I mentioned yet that my husband is older than me?) that I would like to take my grandson to the neighborhood pool, she delightedly answered that it was perfect timing, as his first baby swimsuit was ordered and would be arriving by mail the following day.


With much appreciation to modern shopping on-line websites, the suit arrived as promised. The only problem with this; my first up-close encounter with a swim diaper, was my shocked reaction regarding the design and construction. Which was something like, “Oh heck no!” I had just learned that the prevailing design is one which keeps solids in but allows liquids to flow through. The main purpose of a swim diaper, is that a regular diaper becomes heavy with water and tends to fall off the child, serving little purpose for anyone present, except perhaps the child, who would probably prefer nakedness.



At the time, the baby was five months old. Since I skipped parenthood, going straight to grand-parenthood, my knowledge of all things diapers and what ends up in diapers was rudimentary, at best. Even so, I’ve had some experience with #1 and #2 (not the grandson variety) including some exposure to baby poo. Even I know it isn’t always a solid. Or even if it is solid at the start, soaking in water tends to liquefy even the staunchest of these solids. Gross!

I searched the internet high and low, for the “real” swim diapers. What I found was that my step-daughter had done an exemplary job in locating a most reputable swim diaper. My search was exhaustive, as I just couldn’t believe the secret conspiracy. Why had I never known this before? In the span of a day, pee in the pool went from an obscure thought to an obsession. Something had to be done!

Gem of Wisdom:  If you want to be an inventor, always be on the lookout for a problem to solve.

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